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Would you like to participate or join our mailing list? Do you have questions or comments? Please get in touch with the Crime and Justice Group Managing Editor.

Angela Higginson
Queensland University of Technology, Australia 

Get Involved/Crime and Justice

There are many ways to participate in the work of the Crime & Justice Group. We welcome the participation of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, teachers, students, media, and concerned citizens from anywhere in the world.

We need people who want to:

  • Contribute to the preparation of a systematic review.
  • Comment on reviews to ensure that they are rigorous, relevant and written in an accessible way.
  • Help maintain registers of evaluations and existing systematic reviews.
  • Identify relevant evaluations, and translate them into English, if necessary.
  • Provide funding and other resources.
  • and more…

Feedback sought
CCJG is interested in your input. What areas of intervention would you like to see systematically reviewed? What would be important to policy, practice or research? Do you have comments on what the group is doing and the topics it has pursued to date?

If you would like to participate, join our mailing list, or if you have comments about our work, please get in touch with CCJG Managing Editor Angela Higginson.